Sunday, September 30, 2007

SLC Burning Life Party!!! WOOOT!

Yes the Burning Life Party at the SLC kicked off last night, the dance floor is still there if you and your friends wonna go party for a bit.

Thanx everyone who came, and also thanx to those who carried on after the Huge Griefer attack happend durning the Burning Life celebrations, it just showed how hard we little people of SL are.

I enjoyed seeing everyone getting into the free spirit and was cool to look across the sims seeing all the other parties going on! was a proper festival atmosphere and something i cant wait to see again.

They was burning a replica of Londons Globe theatre wich some of you might remember seeing at the SL4B

Hope to see many of you later at Mr Crabby for the official Burning of the man at 3pm SLT. Will give out Landmark later.

Friday, September 7, 2007


We need some aspiring Journalistic members to write about their favourate SL group and the many wonders in Second Life. We'd like articles about places you have explored and about the areas of fun you have as a kid in SL.
Many people wonder what the Kids of SL do, and it will be great to have a few articles from the group members showing what fun is to be had while being an SL kid AV.

Some ideas for possible articles.

1) A special Linden sponsored event.
2) a party you went to and really enjoyed.
3) Some crazy new thing you discovered and think the rest of the SLC would love to know about.
4) Great Places to Explore.

Please send your proposals to either Loki Eliot or Marianne McCann and if chosen, you will be added to the SLC blog roster letting you post articles for ever more :)