Monday, December 21, 2009

Egnog Returns but has and empty sack

Once again Egnog the christmas Troll returns to Second Life to spread joy with the Kid Avatars. Unfortunitly he was kidnapped by the evil grand master who lives under Goony Island. The Goonies bravely battled the lag and gelatinous cubes to rescue Egnog for all the Kids of Second Life.

Egnog was greatful for his rescue but with tears in his eyes he explained that his christmas gifts had been stolen and there was only the big Christmas Carousel to give everyone. That is when Loki suggested that maybe if everyone made or gave something to put in Egnogs sack, then everyone in the Second Life Childrens Community would have a MEGA big present from everyone.

GIVE TO YOUR COMMUNITY! COME TO GOONY ISLAND AND DROP A PRESENT IN EGNOGS SACK!(press CTRL key while dragging your gift onto the empty sack, it will outline in red, then let go.



Sunday, December 20, 2009

Horse Riding trip


after a loooong time i did a horse riding trip with some friends (again). We started in Equus and rode through 7 nice Wintertheme Regions. Slippery slopes and nice Hils! Cool fun!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Adventure in New Babbage!

Well, it's some time since i blogged anything, despite having quite a few adventures over the past few weeks. This last weekend though, i visited New Babbage, and found they had a walking tour.

I grabbed a HUD (great design, very easy to use, love to see this used all over!) an started off. The great thing about this walking tour is it starts by riding a trolley bus! Now that's my kind of walk! hehehe

But.... my adventure actually started later. I had to stop the tour cus of other things to do, and while i was hurrying back to where i had left off, i fell through the street and under a building! Trapped!

I picked a random spot on my map, and tried to tp out.... Imagine my suprise when i didn't arrive in an open space, but in a tunnel underground, with brick walls and some water lapping around my ankles.. Naturally, being an inquizative fox, i spent the next few hours wandering around exploring.

When the water got a bit deep, i found a boat, and was able to row myslef down long tunnels and through underground gallerys, some with wharfs for boats, others just large spaces under the buildings.

Occasionally i found manholes above, and i could have climbed up to the street, but it was far more interesting to follow the tunnels to where ever they could lead.

Some were dead ends, others branched off, and i even found an enterance into a shop, from the sewer!

After a while Leo joined me, and we rowed about a bit before having a look along some of the dry tunnels. When we went back to the boat, it had drifted off, but i had packed my corracle, so with a few deft twists of the willow twigs, and streaching the cover over it, we were off again!

It was getting a bit late for us by then, so we exited the tunnels into a deserted house, and headed off our seperate ways.

It was a grand adventure, all the better for being unexpected and unplanned. I would urge everyone to have a look round, but do go justafter a rain-storm, or the sewers may be a bit smelly!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Burning Life 09 - The End

For me and the House of Pips burning Life is over. I had great fun this week, not just at the House Of Pips but at the other great Kid avatar Built camps. If only SL was this fun ALL the time :) here is a video off The SLC bumble Bear race.

To see the House of Pips from Concept art to final Burning down visit MY BLOG

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A funny thing happened on the way to Burning Life

Burning Life is now less than a week away. From inside the fence, the sights to see and things to do are incredible. All the kids who have built plots on the playa have done an amazing job.

I wanted to relate a story, though, that I think illustrates a change in the way kid avatars are viewed at these big events. Certainly a change from the days of SL5B only a year and a couple months ago. It all starts with a wristband: the very one I mentioned in my last post here.

It was designed as a nod to the First Life Burning Man, and to the KidsVille camp at same. A freebie in the spirit of the real-world event. I have those available for free at Inner Child Camp on the virtual playa. I also told a Burning Life Ranger about them: he snagged a copy of the "Lost Child Procedure" from the real event, and put it up at Ranger HQ. All good fun.

I also gave copies of them to the head of the greeters, who was putting together a Kids' freebie pack for the entrance to the event. For those unaware, it really does behoove you to come in through the entrance, get the background on the event, and be greeted onto the playa. Its a part of the fun of the event, IMO.

Anyway, somewhere after it went to the greeters, something got miscommunicated. I don't know if it was me, or who, but it went from "here' a fun thing to give to kid avvies" to "child avatars must wear this to be admitted to Burning Life." In spite of it being very clear both last year and this, and with several builders on the playa who are also child avatars, rumors started to go around that kids were not given express permission to be at Burning Life. Yikes.

To the credit of the event organizers and others, however, they stepped in to quash this rumor within a half hour of its inception. A couple Residents heard it, passed it immediately up the chain, and notices went out o the Burning Life groups and the Second Life mentors group, making it clear that child avatars have equal access to the event -- same as anyone else in Second Life.

This is a major change from previous events, but not unheard of with Second Life events since SL5B. Last year's Burning Life had a "maturity policy" that made it clear that all forms of avatars were welcome. SL6B included child avatars within their initial FAQ, again spelling out that our involvement was welcome.

Anyway, I felt this was important to note to all SLC members: if you have felt unwelcome in Second Life, or have felt that you are not on an equal footing, the organizers of Burning Life consider you a valid, valuable member of their family. So come on out and party with all of us on the virtual playa!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A little more on Burning Life '09

Burning Life 2009 is coming up from October 17-25.

I'm very excited to note that there's at least eight plots being worked on by kids, each of which is unique and wonderful. In looking at all the things being built, this will be a great year overall for kids to come out to the virtual playa and enjoy the goings on.

Burning Life is not a "role play" area, though it tends to fall into a certain level of role play naturally. It is set in a desert environment, and people are encouraged to treat the location as if it was the First Life Burning Man's location of Black Rock City, NV. As such, when you enter the event, you are greeted by folks at an entrance much like the one you'd be greeted at in Burning Man, etc. The RL event also has a sizable number of kids and families present at the "KidsVille" camp. You can see some of their world at

My own entry (created with the advice and prims of Pygar Bu, Robin Howe, Valla Griffin, and Johnathon Spad) is Inner Child Camp 2009. It takes a lot of designs and ideas from the "KidsVille" camp mentioned above. There's a lot of stuff there, including a small shaded area for stories, chilling or whatever and a stage area for shows an stuff.

Now is probably a good time to mention that I am looking for kids who want to make use of the space during the event, for shows, acts, or whatever. I'm sure that the other kid-themed camps and art spaces will also want good folks to DJ, perform, and do stuff as well. No shortage of venues this time!

There's also lots of volunteer positions for the event itself, including greeters, lamplighters, and even porta potty decorators. Look to the right of the Burning Life page for details on that

As the event comes closer, I will be distributing a HUD to those on the playa, allowing them to quickly and easily find the kid builds and other points of interest. Even then, take the time to really get out there and explore all 34 regions. I recommend starting in Burning Life- Deep Hole at the "What is Burning Life?" area, and following it through to the main entrance.

The event is VERY kid friendly/positive (though you willl also find a fair amount of non-sexual nudity and stuff on the playa too), and a good place to show what we're all about. Even just being here puts you "in the show" really, and I look forward to seeing all of you on the playa. :-)

When visiting, I recommend dressing for the site. Wear clothes you (or your parents) would not mind seeing get dirty on the desert -- or dress up in something for the fun of it. You'll see both on our RL counterparts. Also, consider some goggles, a hat, and even a bandana for your face. The latter can be gotten free on site, including at Inner Child Camp. I'll be passing out some "Dusty foot prints" and an "Inner Child bracelet" (similar to the KidsVille bracelets all under-agers were on the First Life Playa) on the SLC group.

Anyway, I think you'll love what you'll see here at all the camps, including those being made by some of our talented an wonderful SL kid builders an stuff.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Burning Life 09

Old Residents will know that Burning Life is THE event of the year in second life. SL6B birthday event is rally just where Linden Lab get us to put on a show to celebrate all things second life. Burning Life is different in that it's about the SL community expressing themselves in what ever way they want (within TOS). Burning life is about building imaginative experiences that last one week then dissapear for ever and its an chance for ANYONE to express themselves.

Granted the land grabbing process is a little awkward, but i really think if you have an idea, wonna express yourself to the world, then follow the Burning Life Blog and get ready to grab some land. The Child Avatar Community is renowned for its powerful creativity so get some friends together, sign up for land and join this years desert party starting 17th october!

Friday, September 4, 2009


Hi folks!

There was a blog entry about surfing in SL some time ago. After i got some practice i joined now a competition. It is a lot of fun and you can watch many other surfers and learn a lot. I had to wait some hours for my heat and i even didn't advance to the next round, i will try next competition too. If YOU want to surf, IM me inworld and join my Kids Surfing group! Take a look here: SLSA Surfing Season 2

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Invasion London!

Well.... from little acorns do big oak trees grow... someone mentioned meeting up for a drink to someone else, and a few weeks later a bunch of us gathered from all corners of the UK, and even from across the pond, descending upon Hyde Park. For some reason, it seemed like a good idea to meet up at the statue of Peter Pan, no idea why...

Winne and me met first, then Myrtil and Murdock arrived, followed by Kitto and Felix. Gemini caught up with us at the Science Museum, but seems to have been in the group picture too...

The statue is wonderful, with all sorts of details, mice in a hollow, a group of rabbits (no, there were the same number after i spotted them as before....), and even a squirrel in conversation with some faries. When Myrtil saw then, she couldn't help joining in!

The weather was wonderful, and we have a fanastic view over the lake to the Italian Waterfalls. There were all sorts of waterbirds, including geese, ducks, a herron, and some cormerants drying their wings. There was no truth in the roumour that i had a BBQ in my pack, and that there were fewer ducks after we left....

The Science Museum is marvelous, loads of huge machines, and buttons to press. The best part is that it's free! We spent hours wandering round. Myrtil wanted to take a traction engine home, but we couldn't get it started!

Murdock discovered a big engine with loads of cogs and wheels, though i have no idea what it was for...

I did discover why small foxes shouldn't operate heavy machinery, but don't worry, they did get me free after about half an hour!

There was a whole section on power production, which Kitto liked, not sure it was wise to turn all those switches on though.

Upstairs was a hall full of old aircraft, including a rather nice Spitfire. I tried to get in, as it would have been fun to fly, but somehow things didn't quite work out how i'd hoped...

It was a wonderful day out, and it was nice meeting up with all the others. There is still the Natural History Museum, and some other very good ones we still have to visit, so i wonder where it will be next? I do hear there is a Hyde Park in sl, i will have to visit and see how like the one we visited it is.

I hope you enjoyed my description about our day out, and the pictures.

Have fun,


Sunday, July 19, 2009

Relay for Life 2009

Hi fellas!

I got told bout the Relay for Life a few days ago, and finally got over there intending to do a lap of the circuit. The Relay for Life is an event to raise money and support for Cancer Research and treatment, so is well worth joining in. Teams or individuals race round a track, filled with all sorts of wonderful builds, some educational, some just, well, inspiring!

Errrr.... well, i started will all good intentions... but... the builds were so wonderful, i just had to stop an look, and by the time i got back to the race.. it was all but done!

Anyway, i look forward to trying again next year, and maybe joining a Team ter race round?

So here are some pics, Loki and Myrtil are in some, cus they joined me when i found the underwater city....


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New Babbage Revisted


I know i did a blog about New Babbage a short time ago, but the other week, once i had tped in to the Railways Station, i decided to turn right instead of left, which i normally do. To my suprise, i reached a HUGE wall, with massive electric canons on the top!

I'd never seen this part of New Babbage before, so i climbed up and took a few pics. There are some wonderful views from up there, and the canons and other equipment is very interesting (no, i didn't move any wires around, and if they now pick up Clasical Radio, it wasn't me.....).

Just goes to show, sometimes it's worth turning the other way from your usual haunts, and you never know what you might find!


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Second Life 6th Birthday - A First Look

Hi Everyone, and i hope you are enjoying the 6th Birthday Celebrations!

In case you haven't visited yet, let me take you on a quick look at some of the places i've seen so far.... as usual, my sense of direction
is not good, so i'm not sure quite where i've been, but...

Loki had arranged for a group of us to go around together, so we gathered at his build and checked we were prepared - it's possible i overdid it slightly.

One part of Loki's build is a wonderful floor made up of a thousand photos of kid AVs. I'm there, as is Loki, and we went to find his picture. I wonder what it would be like if we could all gather together and stand on our own pictures?

So, we wandered off, and soon came to a party, with loads of very friendly people dancing away. There are all sorts of builds that make you think, and ponder the future of the Virtual World, but it's nice to see some people's idea of the future is a big party!

This is me dancing with some of our new friends, with a wonderful Latin beat. Myrtil wondered how i could dance with my big pack on, but i think we should be able to dance anytime, anywhere, just cus we want to!

Still, it was soon time to head on, and we said goodbye to our friends, leaving them still partying away.

Loki an i found a HUGE hamster wheel, so we jumped on and ran - i think we were powering the world!

A little further on we found a set of HUGE drums, with a ladder to climb up to the top of them. Imagine our suprise when we found we could bounce up and down on the tops, making a beat just by having fun!

It was quite scary at times, but no-one fell off, and we had a great time.

I did think of playing my flute while jumping, but would probably have lost my teeth!

Just around the corner, we found a huge statue of a very nice white fox, fully dressed for the future. She didn't say much, but was very impressive, and when i looked up i saw her air supply on her back was a huge tree in a glass dome, very ecological! Some of the rest of the exhibit was a bit puzzling, but i think it was about Furry Pride.

Having a beautiful tail and ears myself, i can fully understand!

Still, time was getting on, and we still hadn't seen even a small amount of the builds, so we set off on the road again.

Well, the roads.... this year, the whole place has more of a theme and a flow to it, partly because of these wonderful looking modernistic roads. The whole place is divided into grids by them, and they soar over one another at the junctions, very impressive, especially the green glowing edge markers! Was a bit worried about walking along them to start, after all, such fantastic roads should have some VERY fast vehicles running along them, but we didn't see any.

They did have stairs and crossings to cross over on foot, but we just jumped up and over - quicker and more fun!

Sadly, it was about time for me to head for bed, so i said my farewells, leaving the group to explore further. I did come back the next day though, and have put some of the pictures here to show you what i saw...

Have fun exploring,


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Exploring New Babbage

Hi everyone!

It's been a bit of a time since i last posted anything, so thought now would be a good time. Over the past few days i've been dropping in at New Babbage, somewhere i used to visit quite regularly, but where i haven't been for a while.

Naturally, i prepared myself before going, dressing in my best urchin things, and equiping myself with a broom and bucket in case there was the opportunity to make a few pennies sweeping streets and stuff for the residents.

However, there were not many people around when i arrived, and although i did say hi to one rather impressive and beautiful lady, she just said "Good morning" and vanished!

The place is very wonderful looking though, and i met a new friend, even if he was rather stoned when i found him....

I wandered down to the docks area, and found i was looking over to a huge iron giant, with an airship going past. He looked quite fearsome, and was looking towards the city, but even though i watched for quite a time, he didn't seem to be coming any closer.

There i was, wandering along, when i smelt a wonderful scent. Around a corner was this lovely little chocolate shop, with huge chocolate animals and some delicious lookimg sweets. Ah! What a pity i am a poor urchin, and not able to but such treats! There is the impression of my nose on the window now!

A little way off was a very fancy fire engine, belonging to the Ladies Fire Brigade of Babbage, standing outside it's Station. It was fired up, with smoke coming from the stack, but unfortunately i didn't see it working. Suppose, well, it was better not to see it in action as that would mean something would have to be on fire... but...

Then, over in the corner of one building, i saw some stairs. Now, being a curious sort of fox, i headed up, and to my delight, i found myself in a tiny little cinema showing Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow! i stood in the aisle and watched a bit, but soon had to continue my explorations.

After a while, i got a bit tired, so sat down on a box and warmed my feet on a couple of cans which were burning nicely - not sure how! Behind me, you can see a notice, telling people about the dangers of climbing the ladders up to the roof. Of course, i read the notice carefully, and obeyed it absolutely.... errrrr... well... what do you think i did next? heheh

Have fun,