Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Exploring New Babbage

Hi everyone!

It's been a bit of a time since i last posted anything, so thought now would be a good time. Over the past few days i've been dropping in at New Babbage, somewhere i used to visit quite regularly, but where i haven't been for a while.

Naturally, i prepared myself before going, dressing in my best urchin things, and equiping myself with a broom and bucket in case there was the opportunity to make a few pennies sweeping streets and stuff for the residents.

However, there were not many people around when i arrived, and although i did say hi to one rather impressive and beautiful lady, she just said "Good morning" and vanished!

The place is very wonderful looking though, and i met a new friend, even if he was rather stoned when i found him....

I wandered down to the docks area, and found i was looking over to a huge iron giant, with an airship going past. He looked quite fearsome, and was looking towards the city, but even though i watched for quite a time, he didn't seem to be coming any closer.

There i was, wandering along, when i smelt a wonderful scent. Around a corner was this lovely little chocolate shop, with huge chocolate animals and some delicious lookimg sweets. Ah! What a pity i am a poor urchin, and not able to but such treats! There is the impression of my nose on the window now!

A little way off was a very fancy fire engine, belonging to the Ladies Fire Brigade of Babbage, standing outside it's Station. It was fired up, with smoke coming from the stack, but unfortunately i didn't see it working. Suppose, well, it was better not to see it in action as that would mean something would have to be on fire... but...

Then, over in the corner of one building, i saw some stairs. Now, being a curious sort of fox, i headed up, and to my delight, i found myself in a tiny little cinema showing Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow! i stood in the aisle and watched a bit, but soon had to continue my explorations.

After a while, i got a bit tired, so sat down on a box and warmed my feet on a couple of cans which were burning nicely - not sure how! Behind me, you can see a notice, telling people about the dangers of climbing the ladders up to the roof. Of course, i read the notice carefully, and obeyed it absolutely.... errrrr... well... what do you think i did next? heheh

Have fun,

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