Friday, February 6, 2009

Horse riding field trips

Hi... i know, i did not write much, but i decided to do some of my field trips for german speaking kids. So i did most of them now and i will give a short overview in german here now:

Hallo, ich mache nun auch die Pferdausritte für dt. sprachige Kids. Soweit wurden schon die Avarien Sims (Grendels Children), das Bliss Garden Center besucht. Der nächste Ausritt geht nach IOW - Isle of Whyrms, macht euch auf einen Ausritt mit Drachenbegegnung bereit!

Wer interesse hat, kann gerne die Trips bei mir auf einer NC bekommen!

Ich werde auch diese Trips in dt. in der SLC Gruppe ankündigen!
I will announce these trips in the SLC group too (in german).

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Is a teen invasion looming?

Well, so how many of you out there heard Philip Linden's interview, when he talked about the future of the Teen Grid? To say it came as a suprise to me is an understatement, as I can see the potential for all sorts of problems for LL, though probably less for us as a community (that's all of us, not just the kid AV community!).

How would it affect us specifically? Not really sure it would, as I still can't see teens (and the way PL was speaking, it may not be limited to just teens...) playing kid AVs. Certainly as a teen myself, I would have played a heroic adult AV, ready to save the world from all dangers! PL spoke of parents not being able to join their children in-world, I have a feeling the parents might be a bit stunned by the choice of Av their kids want to play...

I would be quite worried if I was playing an adult AV, because I would never know if that rather stunning person I just met, with the wonderful eyes and a body to kill for was actually under age in rl. It could get some people in big trouble very quickly.

But the last thing a teen would want to do would be to hang around with a bunch of kids, they can do that every day of their rls. SL is a place where we can explore life in ways we are not able to in rl, why would anyone want to do the same things they are able to do in rl?

So I think our world is quite safe, though we may be in for an interesting time over the next few months or a year. What do you think?