Thursday, June 25, 2009

Second Life 6th Birthday - A First Look

Hi Everyone, and i hope you are enjoying the 6th Birthday Celebrations!

In case you haven't visited yet, let me take you on a quick look at some of the places i've seen so far.... as usual, my sense of direction
is not good, so i'm not sure quite where i've been, but...

Loki had arranged for a group of us to go around together, so we gathered at his build and checked we were prepared - it's possible i overdid it slightly.

One part of Loki's build is a wonderful floor made up of a thousand photos of kid AVs. I'm there, as is Loki, and we went to find his picture. I wonder what it would be like if we could all gather together and stand on our own pictures?

So, we wandered off, and soon came to a party, with loads of very friendly people dancing away. There are all sorts of builds that make you think, and ponder the future of the Virtual World, but it's nice to see some people's idea of the future is a big party!

This is me dancing with some of our new friends, with a wonderful Latin beat. Myrtil wondered how i could dance with my big pack on, but i think we should be able to dance anytime, anywhere, just cus we want to!

Still, it was soon time to head on, and we said goodbye to our friends, leaving them still partying away.

Loki an i found a HUGE hamster wheel, so we jumped on and ran - i think we were powering the world!

A little further on we found a set of HUGE drums, with a ladder to climb up to the top of them. Imagine our suprise when we found we could bounce up and down on the tops, making a beat just by having fun!

It was quite scary at times, but no-one fell off, and we had a great time.

I did think of playing my flute while jumping, but would probably have lost my teeth!

Just around the corner, we found a huge statue of a very nice white fox, fully dressed for the future. She didn't say much, but was very impressive, and when i looked up i saw her air supply on her back was a huge tree in a glass dome, very ecological! Some of the rest of the exhibit was a bit puzzling, but i think it was about Furry Pride.

Having a beautiful tail and ears myself, i can fully understand!

Still, time was getting on, and we still hadn't seen even a small amount of the builds, so we set off on the road again.

Well, the roads.... this year, the whole place has more of a theme and a flow to it, partly because of these wonderful looking modernistic roads. The whole place is divided into grids by them, and they soar over one another at the junctions, very impressive, especially the green glowing edge markers! Was a bit worried about walking along them to start, after all, such fantastic roads should have some VERY fast vehicles running along them, but we didn't see any.

They did have stairs and crossings to cross over on foot, but we just jumped up and over - quicker and more fun!

Sadly, it was about time for me to head for bed, so i said my farewells, leaving the group to explore further. I did come back the next day though, and have put some of the pictures here to show you what i saw...

Have fun exploring,