Sunday, October 5, 2008

SLC Office Hours at the SLC Learning Tree in Whippersnapper

Second Life Children group are pleased to announce SLC Office Hours at the SLC Learning Tree in Whippersnapper.

Maybe you have some questions or concerns, you're a newbie looking for help. you want to hang out and meet other kids, you're looking for a little fun and entertainment, or a curious adult wanting to know more about the kid community, then pop along to one of the sessions listed below.

Each duty officer may have something lined up for your entertainment, such as a live DJ, a quiz, a theme, stories or a special guest. So come on down and take your face for a joy ride!!

The first session will start on Monday 6th October with Loki Eliot at 2PM

Click to teleport to SLC LEARNING TREE

SLC Office Hours

Loki Eliot
2pm - 3pm

Arianna Pinkerton/Marianne McCann:
6pm - 8pm

Akiko Qinan:
10am - 11am in German/English

Arianna Pinkerton
6pm - 8pm

Cricket Nelson:
10am -12pm

Gemini Enfield:
10am - 11am

Sokmunky Rutabaga:
Features stories using voice
English (a little Italian, French, and Spanish)
10am - 11am

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fergotten said...

Im glad places like this exist in world.. :) and i dont know if the people who devote their time are thanked enough so im thanking them here.. for all their ideas hard work and time they have put into the kid community.