Sunday, October 26, 2008

Surf's up DUDE!!

Hello again everyone, or should I say “aloha!” or maybe “Surf’s up, Dude!!” I just had a great time at Bishara Island

where the waves are always big and the fun is too. Aang Minotaur dropped by the Vortex today and asked if anyone wanted to go surfing. He teleported our group to the islands where we spent some time learning to ride the surfboards and catch the waves. It is relatively simple, the boards are standard vehicles but the effects on the water are very well scripted. One only has to paddle out to the wave and wait for it. When it arrives it is easy to start surfing. Like anything else, though, fancy tricks require practice.

The surf boards can be purchased in the shops nearby and they even cater to child sizes with half sized boards perfect for youth. Aang says that the boards available in the many shops only differ mostly in art design, shape, and look. Boards range in prices from L$450 to L$550 but there are loaner boards floating around on the beach for anyone to ride on a first come first serve basis.

The island also rents apartments for those that are interested in having an SL home on a tropical island.

So.. until next time, I’m going to be working on my tan and my surfing skills, trying to catch the eye of my favorite beach bunny with my antics.


Loki Eliot said...

That looks way fun, might have to there myself, but i better put on sum sun lotion as im a bit pale :-s

Anonymous said...

Nice idea, nice place and a lot of fun!