Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Adventure in New Babbage!

Well, it's some time since i blogged anything, despite having quite a few adventures over the past few weeks. This last weekend though, i visited New Babbage, and found they had a walking tour.

I grabbed a HUD (great design, very easy to use, love to see this used all over!) an started off. The great thing about this walking tour is it starts by riding a trolley bus! Now that's my kind of walk! hehehe

But.... my adventure actually started later. I had to stop the tour cus of other things to do, and while i was hurrying back to where i had left off, i fell through the street and under a building! Trapped!

I picked a random spot on my map, and tried to tp out.... Imagine my suprise when i didn't arrive in an open space, but in a tunnel underground, with brick walls and some water lapping around my ankles.. Naturally, being an inquizative fox, i spent the next few hours wandering around exploring.

When the water got a bit deep, i found a boat, and was able to row myslef down long tunnels and through underground gallerys, some with wharfs for boats, others just large spaces under the buildings.

Occasionally i found manholes above, and i could have climbed up to the street, but it was far more interesting to follow the tunnels to where ever they could lead.

Some were dead ends, others branched off, and i even found an enterance into a shop, from the sewer!

After a while Leo joined me, and we rowed about a bit before having a look along some of the dry tunnels. When we went back to the boat, it had drifted off, but i had packed my corracle, so with a few deft twists of the willow twigs, and streaching the cover over it, we were off again!

It was getting a bit late for us by then, so we exited the tunnels into a deserted house, and headed off our seperate ways.

It was a grand adventure, all the better for being unexpected and unplanned. I would urge everyone to have a look round, but do go justafter a rain-storm, or the sewers may be a bit smelly!