Monday, March 31, 2008


Every now and then we bring out a new SLC Awareness campaign poster. This is to keep the campaign fresh in order to remind those who may have forgotton, or for newbs who are not aware of the strife that can surround child av's. It is also because of revisions of the actual advice.

There has been in the past a lot of internal controversy over the wording of this advice. We really only have the interest at heart of all those who come to SL as Child AV's. We dont want anyone to get into trouble with anyone, we want you to have as much fun in SL as we do and so this advice was created as steps to lower your risk of being picked on by outsiders who dont know and dont wont to know about our community.

The new revised advice simplifies some and expands on others. Please check out the advice here :)

Also the new POSTERS note givers are available FREE in the SLC Learning treehouse at Guardian Island Sim


well i guess you have all heard about it, but if not, there is a new HQ for the SLC group. The Learning Tree is situated at the centre of the Guardian Island Sim for Child Avatars and is designed to be the one place all SL Kid Avs should visit for information about the community, free kid stuff and for anyone who wants to know what the SLC group is about.

We Held an open day party last week which involved discussions on current dramas as well as many high-jinx and tomfoolery that you'd expect from our community. There was also a rubber ring race around the moat that surrounds the treehouse which was won by Jimmy because he was able to get under the stone bridge before the others plugged it up. Was great to see so many there having fun.

The SLC Learning tree is also a place for friends to meet and discuss their own issues, hold paformances, read stories etc.

Hopefully we can get round to updating the fun lists very soon!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Sky News goes after us kids, again


I wrote a loooong piece about the current Sky News controversy with child avvies an sexual ageplay an all dat. I have it on the Livingtree blog, for those who wanna read it.