Sunday, July 19, 2009

Relay for Life 2009

Hi fellas!

I got told bout the Relay for Life a few days ago, and finally got over there intending to do a lap of the circuit. The Relay for Life is an event to raise money and support for Cancer Research and treatment, so is well worth joining in. Teams or individuals race round a track, filled with all sorts of wonderful builds, some educational, some just, well, inspiring!

Errrr.... well, i started will all good intentions... but... the builds were so wonderful, i just had to stop an look, and by the time i got back to the race.. it was all but done!

Anyway, i look forward to trying again next year, and maybe joining a Team ter race round?

So here are some pics, Loki and Myrtil are in some, cus they joined me when i found the underwater city....



Loki Eliot said...

Was an amazing event, so many great builds, better than SL6B in my opinion, and all for a good cause

Dale Innis said...

Is there really a relay, with running around and passing off batons and everything? 'cause I always wondered that.