Saturday, September 5, 2009

Burning Life 09

Old Residents will know that Burning Life is THE event of the year in second life. SL6B birthday event is rally just where Linden Lab get us to put on a show to celebrate all things second life. Burning Life is different in that it's about the SL community expressing themselves in what ever way they want (within TOS). Burning life is about building imaginative experiences that last one week then dissapear for ever and its an chance for ANYONE to express themselves.

Granted the land grabbing process is a little awkward, but i really think if you have an idea, wonna express yourself to the world, then follow the Burning Life Blog and get ready to grab some land. The Child Avatar Community is renowned for its powerful creativity so get some friends together, sign up for land and join this years desert party starting 17th october!

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Marianne McCann said...

Me an a few others gots our app in, an are hopin to have Inner Child Camp 2009. Whee!