Sunday, May 20, 2007

SLC New webblog and Youth Activity Centre relocation

Welcome to the New SLChildren Groups webblog. We have created this page in an attempt to update resources for our members. In the youth centre the information boards never got updated :-p. With this site we hope information on shops, groups and clubs devoted to the Child Av community will be more up to date and make things easyer for you to explore our community.
We will also be able to post info on Events around the SLC community.

With regards to the Youth Centre, we are in the process of moving it to Clown Town making it more likely for many of you to drop by. Thanks to Olive for her help, we are all very greatful for all her efforts she puts into The Child Av community. And thank you also Musuko for letting us have the old land for so long and for free :)

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