Sunday, March 22, 2009

KIC Kids Info Center

Hello and welcome to the KIC, the Kids Info Center!

After 3 days of celebration is the KIC open for all Kids since March, 20th. If you need help, want to know more about being a SL Kid or just want to have fun or a Sandbox for building in a calm and safe environment, this place is for you. Just made from SL Kids for SL Kids. Many different buildings to explore, the MnK HQ is there too. Arts made by Sl Kids, the (SLC) learning tree with a lot informations, the transmogrifier for adults who want to be a SL Kids fulltime or just from time to time...yes you were reading right: Adults are allowed there too! We will tear down the biased opinions about SL Kids (or try it) grins. All welcome! If you need help or advice or can't find the answer yourself, we have KIC Mentors to help you, some of them also Second Life Mentors. Just go to the "Old Town" over the suspension bridge to the first buidling you see at the left hand. Enter it and you will see a display with all Mentors and the language they speak and their online/offline status. Click the sign and type your message into the open chat.

sven Homewood

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Tepic said...

Nice we have Mentors who can speak different languages, so often we meet new people and just can't help them because we don't speak a common language. I will have to visit the Centre and make a note of who to direct people to next time i am lost for language!