Sunday, August 1, 2010

Introducing keyword: youthspot

keyword: youthspot is a new campaign by SLC, to help make it easier to find virtual kid locations in Second Life. All too often, in recent days, we have seen many kid locations close due to a lack of support or awareness that the location even existed. Knowing where to go is a problem many of us frequently encounter.

The solution is very simple. If you are looking for somewhere kids hangout, you simply type youthspot in search and all the results returned are kid locations. Over the coming weeks we hope that just about all kid locations are using the keyword.

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Participating and getting found is easy. Just add the word youthspot to your parcel description, it can be the last word, and within 24 hours it should start to appear in Search. This only works for parcels that are included in the search directory. Linden Lab charge L$30 a week for inclusion.

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We're experimenting with other ways on how to be found and we will keep you posted as we make new discoveries, including the kid's places directory we're working on. Don't forget to return your survey answers to Sokmunky Rutabaga.

It is often said that simple ideas are the best and this is no exception. I believe adoption of the keyword will benefit the community as a whole.



1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This is a really cool venture for connecting the kid-friendly places in SL.

However... I am beginning to see purely commercial locations using the keyword almost as a token gesture to bring in trade. Admittedly, they do sell some things that kids might be interested in.. but not always exclusively.

My suggestion is that you push for "youthspot" to mean a kid-friendly community location, and "youthstore" for a kid-related commercial venture :D

~Jay ^_^