Sunday, July 1, 2007

SL4B finally over

So the week is over, the forth celebrations are at an end, and what a mad week it was. As Sl Birthdays go this one did not go as well as i think it could have. But that maybe in part to do with how badly SL works compared to this time last year. Many New members may not believe this but once upon a time you could cross a sim boarder without getting a hairy butt. You could fly a plane without suddenly getting stuck and watching your beloved aircraft fly off into the distance.

SL4B was all about the past, with is different sims devoted to the previous 4 years. Ours was year 3 as thats when the SLC started up thanx to Gemini and Linnian. My mission for SL4B was to represent us Kid Avs as best I could with the help of my friends and i think it worked. Unfortunitly i feel the promotion of SL4B was a little bit....well crap. Many people did not even know the event was on. It did not feel like a major second life event. Anyway, heres some of your thoughts......

" hej all, i rilly liked the race, an it was fun to fall off, even t made it hard to race. We had two chances to race, an thats funner, cuz then you can do it two time in stead of one time. Thanks for a nice day to Loki an SL04" : Leendert Meriman

"Yea the pictures were awesome, spotting friends and giggling at antics ^^" : Tsukasa Saka

"was alot fo fun remembering all the stuff we did" : Koffeekid Smalls

" Looks like lots of fun!" : Robin Linden

Najmah Handayani: I wasnt able to go to the race but I did get a chance to visit and spent a lot of time reading about how SLC got started and more history abut it... had a good time jus being alone there hehe

Well with the castle, Scout camp and Go-Kart race, i think we made our presence in SL4B, wether anyone was there to notice, who knows. So just before i go to pull down the SL4B castle i'd like to thank everyone who helped me. From those who terraformed the land after it was reset, to those who just sat on a pose ball to help me position a pose, i could not have done it without you all.

Whats next for the SLChildren? well thats up to you lot. I myself have some ideas, but if you have any, then get to it and DO IT!
Us virtual Kids are a big community here in SL and we have many with the skills to help each other do amazing things, Go Kart races, baloon rides, parties,camping, exploring, dancing, baseball leagues... all you need is the idea and then go find someone to help you out :)

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