Saturday, June 30, 2007

SLC SL4B Go-Kart Grand Prix

So we braved the lagged sim and bugged scripts to have a Go-Kart Race. In all honesty i really thought it would not happen as upon arriving we had about 3 sim crashes and i had 5 viewer crashes. Thanx to my bro we realised it was the Kart rezzing board that was crashing the entire sim, so i got rid of the board and rezzed karts for everyone myself.

There was two races in the end due to me not being very organised. The first race i lost track of everyone and the person i thought had won had not, but seeing as no one knew who had won we let Leendert Meriman Keep the cup to share with his brother Jesper Toll. (I'm sorry for screwing that up)

So we had a second race and Marianne McCann volentered to stand at the end to see who won. The race was as crazy as the first with racers dropping off bridges, crashing into sculptures and at one point much swerving was done to avoid hitting two SL4B visitors who had stumbled onto the track. In the end it was Jeremy Ondricek who won the great race closely followed by Gemini Enfield.

The After race party was held at the SL4B dance stage where us kids took over the floor and rocked our butts off :)

So we did it, Lots turned up, many returned after each sim crash and we finally got the race underway and had some real fun. It showed how we can make kool things happen even amongst the crashing sims, rolling starts and buggy scripts.
So what next? maybe a SLC Go-Kart grand prix in clown town?

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