Friday, June 1, 2007

Secondlife Child AV policies - PART TWO - Chadricks Crackdown

Part two of my series on Secondlife Child AV policies. The Child Av community was growing faster and faster and at one point almost turned on itself as a split formed in the community.

Eventually though the community felt it was better to teach and advise rather than force and persecute. Many now lead by example and all seemed to be fine in Secondlife. Then one Child Av resident recieved a notcard from a Linden. The notecard turned out to be the infamous "LL AgePlay Policy".

"Dear Second Life Resident:

Linden Lab would like to inform you that your land or business is possibly not in
compliance with Second Life's Community Standards. The depiction of sexual
activity involving minors may violate real-world laws in some areas, and the
Second Life community as a whole has made it clear that it views such
behavior to be broadly offensive. Linden Lab chooses not to allow the
advertising or promotion of age play or related activities in any public
forum -- including in-world textures, classified ads, the Second Life
forums, or parcel descriptions.

Advertisements, promotions, or descriptions of such activities must be
removed to avoid account sanctions. Any account asserting an age that does
not meet Second Life's minimum age of eligibility will be closed.

Linden Lab"

Mayhem followed this quickly with the Child Av community abuzz with concerns for their secondlives. What was apparent was that Linden Labs use of the word "ageplay" had caused many to think it was an outright ban on Roleplaying a child In secondlife.

The policy itself once understood is quite understandable. They dont want people PROMOTING sexual ageplay and they want Child Avs to state their real age sumwhere in their profiles. So the Child Av community calmed down and got on with their secondlives. Those who wanted to continue with relationships with their friends did so in the privicy of their own homes while those who made a living out of clubs and Dens that promoted sexual ageplay were reported or shut down. This was the first sign that things were about to change in Secondlife, not just for the Child Av community, but the SL community as a whole.

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