Friday, June 1, 2007

Secondlife Child AV policies - PART THREE - The Germans Take Virtual Porn Pics

This is Part Three in a series about the linden Labs ever changing policies on Child Avs. Once again the Child Av community got back to doing what it does, having fun and kidding about. But not a month seems to go by these days without the Linden Lab posting a new Blog entry about their ever changing policy on Child Avs. This time the Blog reported on German TV network who had taken pics of two Secondlife residents engaging in simulated sex, one of which resembled a child.

Linden Lab had this to say
"Linden Lab has absolutely zero tolerance for depictions of child pornography within Second Life. We were outraged to see the images that ARD showed us, and will cooperate fully with any legal authorities that choose to investigate the individuals involved in such activities. Child pornography is, of course, illegal and as such is a breach of our Terms of Service. It goes without saying that anyone engaged in this activity will be permanently banned from Second Life, and subject to legal consequences."

A Linden was asked if this means that if you and a friend engaged in sexual roleplay in a private place as childlike Avs would this be a bannable offence? the answer was If someone reports you with evidence via snapshot or chatlog, then you could have your account deleted.

"If Linden Lab learns that someone is engaging in, advertising or promoting locations or activities involving the depiction of sexual or lewd acts involving minors, their account will be terminated, and we will fully cooperate with all appropriate authorities."

Secondlife is fast becoming a place where pretend is not tollerated.


DeniseHoorn Slade said...

Well, I saw this documentation about the "virtual pornography" in Second Life. First, let me say: YES, we can be sure that virtual pronography exists in Second Life. And YES, we can be sure, that special created child-avatars are abused in SL behind closed doors. But this magazine reported only in one direction! It did not tell anything about the families in SL, where child-avis live in peace, love and harmony and what is most important: SAFE!
I... like many many other child-avis have ideas how to make SL more safe, also to us! Not to expect, that you account is closed by SL every day you want to login. Maybe there is a way we can bring these ideas to the Linden Labs. Trust on both sides is needed the Lindens have to trust as well as we have to trust them. And NO! this is not easy after all what has happened to many child-avis. But I think: WE should be the ones who wants strict rules: for example: registreation at Linden Labs as child-avi, no entrance to clubs, bars, casinos etc, because of our registration, a 24/7 police we can call when get annoyed in a sexual way. This may cost some money, but I think, it is it worth. We all should think about, what WE can offer to Linden Labs before we demand from the Lindens! And think about what it could bring to us: More assurance for us and our accounts, more assurance for the Lindens and... maybe more rights on us for our parents if we wish... :)

It's also on US to change things...

Anonymous said...

Iv read a ton of things lately on kid avi's, i think it is stupid. plain and simple, everyone on SL is an adult, or should be but i played for over a year before i was"allowed" the news never reports correctly, no one has ever seen a report on SL that showed a class of students learning something new, or a SL family hanging out together just having fun, its ALWAYS about the sexual side if it, as they speak if banning why not remove the strip clubs? LL always says how they do not want children exposed to sexual content, but many many many people playing SL are kids in RL and escorts in the game, in my middle school [ages 12-16ish] almost EVERYONE played SL, they were adult avi's not kid, so why are child avi's having all the trouble, not escorts or anything else?? and before anyone can ask YES i am a kid avi, but i grow up, i work at an adult club, i never have gone there as a kid and never would, most kids would not but alot of adults create kid avi's just to be pedophiles, but thats not how SL looks at it, when they created a virtual reality they should have relised that kids would be part of it, and also in some cultures 13 and 14 is an adult, just because parts of america its 18, dosent mean that the whole world should have to be 18, kids in other countrys are MARRIED and cant play SL because of age, and on a final note WHY IS EVERYTHING ABOUT KIDS! if the crashes dont get better your gonna have nothing left alot of people are quitting SL and the numbers show it, but they would rather complain about kid avis then research ways to make the system more stable....i hope some day SL is nothing but kids, it would serve them right, and anyone wanting to discuss this wit me my IWN is Silverbear Lykin, IM me

Lord DoomRater said...

I'm very concerned where SLC stands on activity with sexual acts with children. I for one did not make a child account for the purpose of sexual activity, and while I feel that most who have joined the ranks of SLC are not here for the same reason, I would feel more comfortable knowing what stance SLC takes on children AVs depicted in sexual activity. Is this or is this not acceptable behavior? I don't really care what age the users are behind the scenes- if the avatar is a child, no sexual activity should be allowed, period. I hope my concern isn't warranted, but the loose ending statement made me wonder.

Sakura Shirakawa said...

I am not getting all this hoopla over it at all, a company should only follow the standards and laws of a country in which their servers are hosted. on another note, I do not do "sexual ageplay" myself, but am a child avi. and only to be devils advocate, I would rather they play out their fantasies with a consenting adult than to do such irl with an actual minor. and there is no evidence at all that shows that simulating something leads to doing so in real life. more virtual outlets in my opinion would help a great deal in lessening the real life ones. I will not add my sl name for fear of backlash to my comments here.

as for the comments about minors on SL, i feel that is the parents responsibility. SL has age checking in place. if a teen scams or lies to get past that, it should rest on the teen and parents of the teen to be punished for fraud, and neglect.

of course I also believe no child or teen should have access to a non monitored computer before they are able to drive. once they can be trusted with a vehicle , on a road full of live people, then they can be trusted with a computer.