Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Kids are the most creative souls in Second Life

The SLC has been up and running for a year and a half now me thinks. When i talk about working on stuff for the SLC im not just talking about the group, im talking about the Child AV community as a whole. The SLC was formed as a way for all kid av's to stay in touch and find out what everyone is up to. It was also formed so we could advise noobs about current attitudes towards Kid Avs in SL.

With over 500 members and still growing, i think we are at a point where we really could be crating some wonderful stuff for SL. More and more Sl communities are saying how much imagination people behind Child Avs have. If just look at some of the stuff us Kid Avs create its a wonder more of us arnt approched to create more.

We tend to think about those nostalgic things like Cans with string on them for communication. Wooden Swords and collander helmets. Animation overides that perform wedgies. We as a community of people are highly creative, its part of being a kid av. You might not think you are. ;) but i know better :-p

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Moder Jansma said...

so true :)