Tuesday, October 30, 2007

New World Notes, and kids!

blog.secondlife.comNew World Notes is holding their "Uncanny Valley Expo" contest for 2007, and I've managed to beat 33 other great avatar photos to the finals! The goal of their contest is to showcase avatars who've"crossed the divide between creepily artificial and the believably human."

My entry, titled blog.secondlife.com was a visiual depiction of how I felt reading some very anti-kid comments on the Second Life blog titled "Accusations Regarding Child Pornography in Second Life." The photo has previously been an editor's choice on Snapzilla.
Voting is open for a couple of weeks.  Please, if you wish, vote for my image. I think it'd be cool to show 'em dat us kids got what it takes, an get someting more positive about kids out in the press!

EDIT: Voting will be closing on the 14th of November!


Brittany said...

Voted for ya, Marianne. Yer waaaay ahead and hope ya stay that way. You go, girl! Child avs (when played appropriately, of course) rule!

Mari said...

Thankoo, Brittany! Gettin down to the wire, now!