Monday, December 10, 2007

Just a quick messege

Hey Loki here, i havent posted on this blog for a while. Thanx to marianne for keeping it going and well done in that competition thing. I know some think one story on one blog explaining what it can be like for us kids when our peaceful playful world gets disrupted by ignorance wont change anything. But over time these things are going to get talked about more and more.

Next year id like to do alot more stuff just for you kid avs. ive spent alot of time on my steampunk projects lately but still hear what you lot are up to. It would be kool if we could get you lot to show off what your doing. we are a large community and i think it would be great if we was able to somehow all come together at the same time..... shame there is'nt a sim that can hold over 500 kid avs.

To all those who are well into the christmas spirit !!!! look out for Santa, he's here in SL somewhere im told!


Sylvia said...

I know one spot where I've seen Santa and a giant walking snowman and teddy bear! Oh my goodness!

Not on my land but real, real nearby.

- Sylhouette Rojyo

Maxi Rehula said...


Me and a bunch of us girlies was over at Ashlin Leandros's house the other day and the Real Santa visited there... I took some pics of us wif can see them by
clicking HERE
Huggs Maxi xxx