Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Child Avatars RULE, back in SL5B

OK the news has been out a while now, but i thought i better post it here also. Linden Lab have restarted their Submission Form, only this time allowing Child Avatars to build exhibits and represent our community. Already Me (Loki) Marianne, Geoff and others have had applications approved, all Linden Lab want is for us to be sensible in what we build. It seems strange and wonder why they reacted like they did to start with. We no more want anyone to see us in a bad light than LL do.

Anyway so now after all the drama the Child Avatar community will have a big presence at SL5B. Not only that but there will be Landmarks to the Kid5B event which is growing bigger and bigger.

There are casualties from the protesting and campaigning. Signpostmarv Martin and his team were managing this event to start with, while it was still a resident run celebration. They stood down in protest of the ethics involved and i dont think their hard work and sacrifice should be forgotton!

Anyway, all the Grids eyes are on us now!!


Dale Innis said...


/me jumps about cheering (an' shouting 'first post' heehee)

an' yay for everyone having been so construc'ive an' all an' showing how good an' clever we are an' they should stop being annoying!

Marianne McCann said...

Sounds like there might still be some content restrictions, such as images showing an adult and child avatar together, or showing a child avatatr in proxmity of a bed

Sean Heying said...

Did the leaders of the SLC ever ask the rank and file kids should we back this terrible event?

The correct message to send the Lindens now that we can't see wholesome photos of Kids and their parents is "Shove It"

Nothing shows displeasure more than an empty plot.