Thursday, June 26, 2008

We should be proud

I'm a regular in the SL Forums, and one of the big topics? Us.

Now we've long been debated there. A year or so ago, when they still had the general forum, most comments about us kids were pretty negative. They were particularly bad in the wake of the Report Mainz and Sky News pieces of 2006. That isn't what these discussions are about. No, they're my photo display, the SLC's "Childhood Dreams" walk through storybook, and especially about Kids5B.

One person visited these with his 60 year old father. The latter now has an SL account just because of what he saw from us.

Another person compared Kids5B to visiting Walt Disney World.

Tons of adults have been "transmogrified," and loved every minute of it.

I've had to give out SLURLs several times in the forums and elsehwere to people eager to see what seem to be some of the biggest parts of SL's fifth birthday. SL5B Move - the home of the SLC build, the Kids5B build, my exhibit, and the BSSL's Camp Duck Itch - is one of the most popular sims there. Kids5B will be known as a legandary SL site by those who visited.

Remember, it was only a month ago that we were "respectfully declined." In that time we changed policy, we built showcases worthy of our community, and we put together two simply awesome regions at Kids5B.

We've changed the entire dialogue about child avatars, and changed minds from all over.

Today, we should be proud of all we've done in a very short period of time. Congratulations to us all, and let's keep the momentum rolling!


Demonkid said...
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Melody Paperdoll said...

:) I've been really happy and to be honest surprised this past week being a SL child with all I'd read on returning there after a long hiatus about how child avatars were being accepted etc. I've been wandering around SL5B, I've attended live music events and become a huge fan of two artists in particular and haven't heard one complaint about my appearance (except someone who found it odd that a six year old should be swaying with a cigarette lighter during a particularly lighter-swaying song LOL). I'm so glad I chanced to return to SL during this time 'cos it really feels like special things are happening.

Tepic said...

Thank you Marianne, i agree, we should be proud, all of us for all the work we have put in to all the celebrations.

We should also be proud of each other, and remember that it was all of us working together that made this possible, from the most skilled mass landscaper to the person who put in an idea with a simple "How about we...".

Please try to remember this when we reach the end of the celebrations, that despite all our differences, we did work shoulder to shoulder.

Anonymous said...

I found the Childhood Dreams walkthrough more or less by accident. That's a beautiful piece of work: somewhere between a theme park attraction and Little Nemo in Slumberland. Simply lovely, and a refreshing break from the self-conscious irony that mars much of today's children's literature.

ryker said...

there is still a lot of work to do, to many still find any nudety offences from kids, no matter if it is skinny dipping, walking around your own house or even taking a shower, sl has become more prude regarding that then rl

Torben Trautman said...

Yay you kids rocked the 5th birthday! I haven´t been much on the SL5B Sims but therefor spend hours after hours on the Kids 5B sims. Transmogrifying, playing onigokko and being a child again for a while was an awesome experience for me and I feel that you changed our world!