Thursday, November 6, 2008

Horse Field Trip to the IOW Sims

Hi all!

I offered a horse trip to the IOW Sims ( and announced it in the Kulture Kids, SLC and Goonies Groups. Around 12 Kids followed the call and we started to ride at 9:15 AM SLT.
We started in Limbo then rode through 8 Sims:Tir na Lir, Tir Infernis,Tir na Seilidhe,Tir Zephyrus,Tir na Nog,Hatchie Heaven,Cathedral. It seems this day we had a lot of luck, nearly no lag, even the Sim crossings were no problem at all.
We visited some Temples and saw some nice Houses and in Hatchie Heaven was a nice Pirate Place, where you can swim, fishing, relax. At the Limbo Sandbox we saw some funny buildings for a Helloween Contest.
At least we went to Cathedral and met some Dragons and got a nice ride with a Dragon.
Pais wrote his own report, you can read it here and there is also a small video:


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Loki Eliot said...

loved the video on pias's blog :)