Saturday, November 1, 2008

Sven Homewood - Everyone knows me hehe


Many know me and i will intodruce myself a bit. I am since 03/16/2007 in SL and was first month adult. I adopted a SL Kid and we had a lot of fun. After a time we split up in good and went our own ways. I changed into a Dragon (sometimes you can still see the Dragon) and then into a Kid. I'm doing a lot of things, build and script. I do offer horse field trips and will write about it a little bit.



Tepic said...

Hi Sven!

Welcome to the blog, i'm looking forward to reading your suff about the horse trips!

Have fun,


Anonymous said...

Horse field trips? That sounds like fun! How do we get info on that?

Anonymous said...

Hello, Anonymous (:-D,
i give info in the groups SLC and Kulture Kids, some days before and 1 day before i planned that. Contact me INOWRLD.