Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Where to start?

Well, on the surface, it all seems a bit quiet after Christmas and the New Year, but all sorts of things seem to be happening!

My last post has had two comments, both from people I hadn't met, which was nice. I've since met one of them, and am in the process of talking to the other - looks like my Christmas wish for new friends has started to have an effect :-) One of the comments was a plea for help in starting up in SL, and this is something I have noticed in the past few months. It is apparently easier to jump straight in and start exploring than before, but this leaves many newcomers without a basic understanding of our world and how it works. Thankfully, this new friend has already found the SLC, and I am sure that this will be the best start possible! The potential for possible new friends being disenchanted before becoming fully conversant with how things works may be increasing, so remember back to your starting days, and offer help and a kind word to them.

Oh! Yes... about a week ago, one of our members found they had been ejected and banned from a sim run by a group offering help to new people. This was all sorted out quite quickly with the people who own the sim, and it was an error by a relativly new person who had mis-interperated the "mature" setting on the land as meaning kid AVs were not allowed! But, what was impressive was the speed with which the kids community got together and arrived at the sim in support of our friend, and the swiftness with which negotiations and and understanding were arrived at with the sim owners. It could have so easily have degenerated into a free-for-all, with all of us losing out, but in the end, through group action and calm leadership, we were able to resolve the situation to everyone's gain. Errrr...... actually, I had drifted off to sleep just as things were getting underway, and didn't wake up till it was all sorted out... but the reports I heard were very encoraging!

So, what have I been up to? Well, after chatting with some friends, I realised that fire precautions in the kids community were rather sketchy, so I designed a fire hydrant for use in strategic locations.....

I've also attended a couple of decent events that are a result of the change to Homestead land, the party at Goony Island was a terrific way of seeing in the 20 AV restriction, and a wonderful example of creative, cross-sim boarder anarchy! Long live the revolution! Also, the Him & I & Us let their second island go, as it would no longer be able to support the activities we had been enjoying there under the new restrictions. The final bike race was fantastic, around the whole island, up hills, down dales, over bridges - a triumph of planning and organisation. Hopefully, such events will still be able to take place, as they have really enriched our community.

There have been Rez-Day parties, far too many to attend all of them, also big partnership ceremonies and parties, in fact, it seems there are even more things going on, on an individual level, than ever before. Looks like a great year folks - that is if the numbers of AVs logged in does'nt snap the elastic band!

Have Fun



Loki Eliot said...

Nice work Tep :), in regards to the way people are entering easier into the grid, we are working on a way to alert and help newbies who arrive in SL wanting to be Kid Avatars,... so watch this space ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm Polly Melody and I just awived here, I have no idea what to do and I hope someone can guide me, I have gone to some places, but still I'm lost.
If someone can help me I will apreciate it becuase I feel lonely *sucks thumb and hugs doll*

(I'm an adult playing for the first time a 4 year old kid, I'm completely lost and if someone can guide me I will apreciate it!)

Tepic said...

Hi Polly, left a message for you in-world, looks like you have some good contacts by your picks, hope to talk with you soon!

isignedupcuzihatefowler said...

We could put an ad at nci campus maybe. They get tons of newbies in a day. I think they'd do it, they don't discriminate.